Bunifu Form Resize Icon

Enrich your borderless Windows Form with resize indicator


Bunifu Form Resize Icon is a helper control that indicates to the users that the borderless form is resizable. This control is used with the Bunifu Form Resizer component which enables the resizing events on a borderless form. The icon is usually placed at the bottom right corner of the Windows Form. Here's a demo of an application using a Bunifu Form Resize Icon:

Getting started

Adding Bunifu Form Resize Icon at Design Time

Bunifu Form Resize Icon can be added to the form by dragging a BunifuFormResizeIcon control from the toolbox. It can be at the bottom right corner of the Windows Form

Place it in the lower right corner of the Windows form. Also make sure that the anchor property is set to the values bottom, right. Make sure the padding property of the form is set to at least the value of 1 on the top and left sides. And a value of 3 and 2 for the right and bottom sides, respectively.

Note that if you had placed a StatusStrip control in the form, then there is no need to place the Resizer Icon on the form.

For the resizing events on your borderless form, please visit this documentation link to implement the resizing functionality of the form.


The below property controls the appearance of the resize icon:


This property enables you to set both height and width of the grip (indicator) icon. The more the value the larger the icon.

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