Bunifu Licensing CLI

A versatile command-line utility for managing your licenses

Bunifu Licensing CLI (Command-line Interface) is a nifty and powerful utility that lets you manage your licenses for all Bunifu products right from the command-line. This is easily achieved by running the utility - blc.exe - via the Windows Command Prompt.

Download Bunifu Licensing CLI


Bunifu Licensing CLI lets you:

  1. Activate your licenses

  2. View your license details

  3. Delete your licenses

Activating your licenses

Below are the list of products you can easily activate using the utility:

For example, to activate your Bunifu UI WinForms license, run:

> blc --ac-ui

Viewing your licenses

You can also view your various purchased license details:

Deleting your licenses

Likewise, you can delete each product's license in scenarios where you would, for example, want to reset any of your installed licenses:

To check the version you're using, simply run the command:

> blc --version

And that's just about it! We hope this utility will help you in the long run to quickly manage your purchased license subscriptions.

Need Help?

If you face any issues while using the utility, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Support page.

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