Bunifu Device Remover (Deprecated)

A quick guide on how to use Bunifu Device Remover

Bunifu Device Remover is a handy utility that was designed to help delete your current device(s) in any active and licensed device. This is easily achieved by running the utility (bdr.exe) either normally or via the command-line.

Deleting Your Devices

Once you've downloaded the utility in the device you want deleted, run it. You will then see a dialog popup asking you to provide your license key:

You may then proceed to inserting or pasting the license key associated with the device and hitting Enter for device deletion to occur. This may take a few seconds depending on your Internet connectivity. Once the device has been successfully removed, a success message will popup:

That's it! You can then go ahead and activate your new device.

Checking your license details

Bunifu Device Remover also lets you to check your installed license details, both for Bunifu UI and Bunifu Dataviz Basic/Advanced.

To check your Bunifu UI license details, open the utility via Command Prompt and run:

bdr --ui

To check your Bunifu Dataviz Basic license details:

bdr --db

To check your Bunifu Dataviz Advanced license details:

bdr --da

To get help on the various commands available:

bdr --help

Here's a visual guideline on the process:

  • Open the Command Prompt via the Address Bar in Explorer and type cmd:

  • Type bdr --help and press 'Enter':

  • You can then go ahead and check your Bunifu UI or Bunifu Dataviz license as directed. Here's an example of a user checking their Bunifu UI license:

Need Help?

If you face any issues when trying to delete any of your licensed devices, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Support page.

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