Bunifu Elipse

Take Control of your Form's non-client area with a stylish smooth-edged custom border


Bunifu Elipse is a rich .NET component that allows you to create a custom non-client area for your Form. It includes a feature that hides the top bar of your Windows Form and adds a smooth curved edge.

Getting Started

This section will guide you on using Bunifu Elipse via the designer approach.

Adding Bunifu Elipse at Design Time

Bunifu Ellipse can be added to the form at the designer level by locating or searching BunifuElipse in your toolbox and drag it to your form as shown below. Once the elipse component is dropped in the form, it automatically targets the form, thereby hiding the top bar (non-client area) of the form.

If you accidentally dropped Bunifu Elipse on your form, you can delete it from the component tray area, reopen the form, and set the FormBorderStyle property of your form to Sizable.

Bunifu Elipse is often used alongside with Bunifu Form Dock component, which allows you to resize, and drag the form to any area of the screen.

Let's dive and get insights into the available properties on Bunifu Elipse.


1. TargetControl

This property allows you to get or set the control(e.g., the form) to which Bunifu Elipse will be applied.

Targetting any control with Bunifu Elipse can also be done using the ApplyElipse() method. The method has 4 overloads defined as follows:




applies the elipse on the current form.

ApplyElipse(Control control)

applies the elipse to a custom control

ApplyElipse(int Radius)

applies the elipse to the current form with a custom radius.

ApplyElipse(Control control, int Radius)

applies the elipse to a custom control, with a custom radius.

2. ElipseRadius

This property allows you to get or set a radius value(integer) for the control targetted by a Bunifu Elipse. It's recommended that the EllipseRadius value should be less than 7 for smooth curves, as values greater than that will result in pixelated curves.

How to use Bunifu Ellipse control on any control

Once we have the component added to our form, we can apply it to a control. For example, let’s drop a Bunifu Tile Button on our form and then set the following properties:

Step 1: Access the TargetControl property of the Elipse component and choose Bunifu Tile Button as the target control.

Step 2: In the ElipseRadius property, set 8 as the radius.

You should see a curved edge effect on the control as shown below:

Take Away

We hope that Bunifu Ellipse will help you to create elegant UI interfaces that give your users a great user experience.

Should you have feedback or suggestions please send us via chat on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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