How to pay via Bitcoin

Quickly checkout using Bitcoin

There are two ways you can simply renew your license:

  1. Renewing from your profile

  2. Renewing directly from pricing page

I will take you through a step by step process on how you can renew for each step.

  1. Renewing from your profile.

  • Login to your account via My Account link

  • Click on view licenses under My Purchase history table

  • Under the license window, click renew now or renew license

  • You will be redirected to checkout field where you the key you are renewing will display and the renewal discount will already be applied to the final price

  • Select GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoins option, your details will have already been pre-filled or fill in your details if required, agree to terms and proceed to purchase

2. Renewing directly from pricing page

To renew directly from pricing page you must know your license key already or have it copied somewhere.

  • Navigate to the pricing page

  • Select the product you would like to renew, you will be redirected to checkout page

  • Click on click to renew an existing license link and paste your current license and click apply license renewal button to apply

  • proceed to make your purchase. by selecting GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoins

  • You will be redirected to purchase confirmation page where a Bitcoin address where you will send payments to will be shown as below

  • Copy the Bitcoin address and open your wallet and paste your address. Send the indicated BTC amount to the address indicate

  • Await for Blockchain to verify the transaction. Once verified your transaction will execute and you will be sent download files and license

Note: Sometimes transaction confirmation take time. Please be patient.

That's it!

We thank you for being our customer and should your have any questions hit us on chat right hand side and we will answer your questions!

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